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Unless otherwise indicated, the quotes are from Robert Lawlor's "Voices of the First Day"

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Blog posts September 2015

Artworks by Mirree

September 18, 2015

Beautiful Soul, Mirree, shares her awesome art work via Facebook and her Website.  Below is a link to a video showing Mirree painting "Sun Woman Dreaming."

Check out Mirree's website and support authentic Aboriginal painting - NOW !

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A call for solidarity: Many minds can locate the true pathway

September 15, 2015

Treaties of Unity: Voices at the Freedom Gathering 2015 - Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT), 11-13 September 2015

For videos & information, head over to the WGAR news page below.…

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Didgeridoo Music for my Birthday

September 14, 2015

I  really like to support the Dreamtime Dancers.   The Dreamtime Dancers are a group of young dancers who learn and perform contemporary Aboriginal dance in Broome.

Dance, song, poetry, writing, walking, art, running and more are a few ways of safely letting out one's feelings while expre…

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We do not need to get over it- we are waiting for you to catch up with it!

September 6, 2015

An excellent yet sombre post written by Blackfulla Revolution about the ignorance of people concerning First Nations People.  I have highlighted a part in red which really stands out to me.

Please share this and make Aboriginal voices heard far & wide!

Blackfulla Revolution

5 September…

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First Nations People Ventures to Support

September 2, 2015

Dreamtime Dancers is a community engagement 
project for young people in Broome, Western Australia, delivered through the medium of contemporary Aboriginal dance. 

The project is a direct response to the vulnerabilities of at-risk young people in Broome, promoting Indigenous culture and herita…

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