the dreaming

re-visioning Aboriginal Sense of Place


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Unless otherwise indicated, the quotes are from Robert Lawlor's "Voices of the First Day"

Please note there is no intention to offend by using the words "Aborigines" or "Aboriginal" or "Indigenous"

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First Nations People Ventures to Support

Dreamtime Dancers is a community engagement 
project for young people in Broome, Western Australia, delivered through the medium of contemporary Aboriginal dance. 

The project is a direct response to the vulnerabilities of at-risk young people in Broome, promoting Indigenous culture and heritage, encouraging creativity and physical exercise and building self-confidence.  To help fund the troupe to travel over 2,000km and perform a NEw dance at the Perth International Arts Festival in 2016,

please visit the Indiegogo Page below.  Thank you


Alex Winwood is a motivated and dedicated young Nyoongar man who is pursuing his dream of being a pro boxer. Last year he narrowly missed out on the Australian Title. In order to progress in his career, Alex often has to travel interstate to find opponents. His mother is doing her absolute best to support Alex, but with other family expenses, boxing needs can not be the top priority.

Please support Alex -  click on the Link below !



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