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We do not need to get over it- we are waiting for you to catch up with it!

An excellent yet sombre post written by Blackfulla Revolution about the ignorance of people concerning First Nations People.  I have highlighted a part in red which really stands out to me.

Please share this and make Aboriginal voices heard far & wide!

Blackfulla Revolution

5 September 2015 at 3.33pm

BFR's rant of the week

I lost my patience on here the other day. I called a lady a fool before banning her. I don't often resort to this, I have heard every foul, hurtful and vulgar thing that Australians have to say about Aboriginal people and when someone is genuinely open to another perspective I will always take the time to provide it.

My racedar (racist radar) is strong and finely tuned. I see right through thinly veiled attempts at masking ignorance as genuine interest. This lady was no exception. She demanded to know 'what is it you people want?'. When other people reacted to her bluntness, she used that as evidence that our people are racist and unwilling to educate others. If this lady had ever bothered to look at this page properly or even speak to Aboriginal people she would know the answer to her question. Regardless, I obliged and posted much information that clearly explained what we are fighting towards. Her reply came so quickly that I knew she hadn't bothered to read any of it. 'It's simple though, if you want to go back to living how you were do that but forfeit the benefits and technology that white people provide.' Again, I had to explain that not only was this a gross oversimplification and an impossibility for most, but white people do not exclusively own, contribute to and access these things. Then she told me that if our people 'just work hard and stop living in the past' everything would be fine and equal. I told her it was a common occurrence that Aboriginal people who dare try and educate and advocate for better rights are assumed to be unemployed, lazy, self-pitying and whiney. I explained that it was quite likely that I earned a higher salary than her and possibly was better educated too and that has no relevance whatsoever to what I value and advocate for. I don't define myself, or others, by what they do or earn and I said this to challenge her assumption only. She reacted angrily to this and said it was a typical response from a racist who runs a racist, white- hate page.

I asked her why she asked a question if she had no intention of hearing the answer. But this question is not a genuine question, this is people talking down to us and telling us what it is THEY want.

They want us to take full responsibility and blame for our current issues and disadvantage- and completely separate it from our recent past so they feel no guilt or accountability for the present state of Aboriginal society and other Australians attitudes towards us.

They want us to forget the horrors, the pain, the sacrifices and shut up and put up with the fact that this country and most of its people are ignorant to the true history and suffering endured by our people.

They want us to feel bad and ashamed that the government creates services and opportunities for Aboriginal people to try and overcome the disadvantage caused by decades of their racist policy.

They want us to be, think, talk, feel like everyone else, or, disappear back in 'the bush' where they don't have to tolerate us and be exposed to different perspectives.

They want to undermine our causes, passion and hard work by labelling us as whiners and bludgers.

They want to pretend that racism and injustice no longer exist and that we are living in the past only.

They want to believe that they have said sorry and made amends when in reality they have never even bothered to seek the truth or allowed others to challenge their assumptions. They have neither understanding or empathy.

They want us to abandon a past and ancestors that have not yet been properly acknowledged and recognised.

They want us to respect their property, churches, war memorials and cemeteries, while giving not a care as ours is desecrated, polluted and stolen.

They want to make the problem Aboriginal people, just like the pioneers who rid their pastures of us in order to prosper. They want to belittle us, undermine us and talk down to us like we are naughty children hassling their mother in the lolly aisle 'what is it that you want!?'


I can not imagine telling a parent who has lost a child that there is a deadline for their grief. I would never tell the family of a veteran that they have remembered long enough, now time to 'move on'. I would never dictate to another race of people- whose experiences are outside of my own- how they should deal with the past and present injustices against them. I do not undermine and casually dismiss the feelings of others because I do not personally relate to them. I don't tell anyone who pays homage to the injustices and sacrifices of the past to 'stop living in it.'


Yet so many Australians feel comfortable and entitled to treat Aboriginal people this way. I simply can not fathom the mindset behind it. The most frightening thing is, this lady and many like her, convince themselves and those around them that they are not racist, that they are only reacting to Aboriginal people and that it is us who make them think and feel this way. Again, making us the blame of everything- while completely absolving themselves of all part.

The lady told me to go spear my meal and sleep in a humpy if I like the past so much or to just get over it.

We do not need to get over it- we are waiting for you to catch up with it!

So we can finally all move forward together from a shared point of understanding and openness.





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