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re-visioning Aboriginal Sense of Place


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Unless otherwise indicated, the quotes are from Robert Lawlor's "Voices of the First Day"

Please note there is no intention to offend by using the words "Aborigines" or "Aboriginal" or "Indigenous"

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Look up at the Stars tonight and take the star-light into your eyes.  The atoms of the stars, bright blazing suns, are the atoms which make up the original people, Aboriginal people.

We are all Spirits living in human form.  Many of us live in fragmented and dis-jointed ways, dis-connected from the Land and from our Source.  I believe that in the moment, the World is what you make of it in terms of observations of how you got to where you are (your personal narrative) and somewhat arbitrary thoughts amidst a range of different contexts and conditions.  Some philosophies such as Buddhism, state that everything is conditioned or impermanent, i.e. dependent upon other things to continue in its given form, and that attachment to impermanent things can cause discontent and suffering. 

I also think that the Aboriginal people innately have this “sense of place”.  What is “Civilisation?” Is it really to do with being “civil” -  i.e. relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns in an intelligent and supportive manner?   Is not honouring the Land and the sky, the elements and the spiritual ground from which all comes, while living together with a minimum of conflict, being “civilised”, yet white people have the ignorance and the conceit to have branded this way of living as something else.  Living with respect and in harmony with the Earth and each other is the context and the condition that enriches and sustains All.

Anyone whom has suffered significant loss or lost their sense of place, especially in their child-hood, must be able to empathise with a whole collective, the indigenous people of Australia, who are still having children taken from them. and who are still being blamed for the challenges they face, rather than being supported genuinely as a parent would  support its child.

I was born in 1963, and I recall that about 30 years ago I came across children whom didn’t even know that milk came from cows.  They thought it came from the shop.  We are all Blessed with resources from Earth, but some of us have squandered our heritage.  With the decimation of the rich and self-sustaining culture or traditions of Australia’s “first people”, Aboriginals, through the hapless projection of our fears of not being good enough or in control, white people have severely weakened the links of all of us (despite the colour of our skins) to our home, Earth and the Cosmos, as a living organic entity.

With all our technology and concrete buildings and mass easy access to our physical needs, organised for us, many of us feel lost.  The Buddhists do not comprehend “the empty space” or “the hole” within the human heart, an innate sense of no purpose, which so many “civilised” non-Indigenous people feel.  This emptiness is created, not from being dis-possessed or poorly treated as our Indigenous communities have, but because of the specific  conditions and the context.

Some of us are conditioned to live a stereotyped life, like raising a family and giving to charities, and holding down an office job nine to five, and this is indeed their context.  However, the whispers of the Heart also tell them they must stop feeling obliged or conditioned to do this, that they should delve deep into their Core and find what really makes them happy, and pursue that with concrete or practical human actions, as well as, importantly by believing in their spiritual life and seeking to continuously enlighten it.

What makes me happy?  Facing my own fears and learning to surrender or release them and my wants to the Greater force, learning about compassion, and living compassionately, being authentic, and above all, being in service to humanity and to Earth.  Australia’s Aboriginal people, I believe, truly live in service to Earth.  Their paradise was lost and the whole of humanity are in service now to restoring Aboriginal dignity and life.

No more sitting on the fence.  The time is NOW, it is your choice to inform yourself properly about “Aboriginal issues” and to get involved with returning our First Nation’s People to integrity.

Our actions and our energies are drops in the ocean, rippling out to affect the whole, and each of us and our manifestations are an integral part of the Ocean of Life.  Please do what you can to help. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and star-light returns to the Stars.  What you do to others comes back to you.  Live your Life well.


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