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re-visioning Aboriginal Sense of Place


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Unless otherwise indicated, the quotes are from Robert Lawlor's "Voices of the First Day"

Please note there is no intention to offend by using the words "Aborigines" or "Aboriginal" or "Indigenous"

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Australians should Recognise colonisation as a determinant of Indigenous health

"The view expressed by Tony Abbott (Prime Minister and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs), that taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to fund the “lifestyle choices” of Aboriginal people living in remote regions in support of Colin Barnett’s (West Australian Premier) decision to close 150 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia reflects the repetition of the colonial project and Aboriginal dispossession."


Nurses have often played an important part in social justice.  It is heartening to know of people and groups who are supporting Indigenous justice.  I don't like to use the term or phrase "Indigenous Rights" or "Aboriginal Rights" or "Aboriginal Welfare" because I believe it is the EARTH that has a right -  the RIGHT to be respected and looked after - and living beings on Earth have the obligation to fulfil their primary mission or purpose - which I believe is to be HAPPY.

Of course this happiness is based upon not only having their physical needs met, but their mental, emotional, social & spiritual needs also met, and in harmony with Earth and without repressing and harming other Life on Earth.

Ruth de Souza, a Nurse Academic in Australia, gives an excellent precis about why Tony Abbott's statement about "Lifestyle Choices" is so very wrong.  Click on the link below.

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