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Unless otherwise indicated, the quotes are from Robert Lawlor's "Voices of the First Day"

Please note there is no intention to offend by using the words "Aborigines" or "Aboriginal" or "Indigenous"

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The Final Quarter: A Documentary Film Review. I STAND WITH ADAM GOODES

“The Final Quarter” is a 75 minute documentary of archival media footage related to Australian indigenous AFL (Australian Football League) player, Adam Goodes. It was produced by Shark Island Productions and directed by Ian Darling and aired in 2019. The documentary covers the last 3 years of Goode’…

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PAUL KELLY - THE AUSTRALIAN - Uluru Statement deserves respect, but treaty would backfire

MAY 31,  2017.   What The Australian has to say about a Treaty that cannot happen now:

"After a 10-year process and six months of discussions around this country, the historic Uluru Statement from the Heart, authorised by 250 delegates, deserves a respect and evaluation by the political cl…

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The torment of our Powerlessness

"These dimensions of our crisis tell plainly the structural nature of our problem. This is the torment of our powerlessness."

Please click on the Link below to read the ULURU STATEMENT made at the 2017 National Constitution Convention  - it is a PDF document so you will need to download the free …

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Survival Day 26 January - Australia's Day of shame

I won't be celebrating the 26th January as Australia Day and here is why. If Australia Day is about celebrating a Nation with fair services and opportunities and equal treatment of all people of Australia, regardless of the colour of their skin, then I am not celebrating the Anniversary of the day t…

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Clinton's Walk for Justice - Perth to Canberra

Twenty six year old Clinton Pryor is walking across Australia.  Clinton says:

I do not want to see communities closed down and see my people lose their home because the government has decided not fund service for them. It is not right and this why I am doing the walk to save my people from l…

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Intolerance & Ignorance: Racism - The Silent Destroyer

My partner is an incredibly strong man. Resilient, compassionate and calm in the face of much turbulence, stress and hurt.
Some days it gets to him though. It's not that he does …

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Putuparri and the Rainmakers

I can't wait to see this movie!

Putuparri and the Rainmakers

Ten years in the making, the film is an extraordinary eyewitness account of the living traditions of Putuparri’s people.

The film spans 20 transformative years in the life of Tom "Putuparri" Lawford as he navigates the deep chas…

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Invasion Day - 26 January 1788

Most Australians celebrate Australia Day as the day Australia was founded.

In contrast, Aboriginal people mourn their history and call it ‘Invasion Day’.  January 26, 1788 was the date on which Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and raised the Bri…

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Native Title

By definition Native Title is a property right which reflects a relationship to land which is of a spiritual, cultural or historical significance to the claimants. The non-discriminatory protection of native title is a recognised human right.

Some government representatives refer to NT as a 'brid…

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Artworks by Mirree

Beautiful Soul, Mirree, shares her awesome art work via Facebook and her Website.  Below is a link to a video showing Mirree painting "Sun Woman Dreaming."

Check out Mirree's website and support authentic Aboriginal painting - NOW !

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A call for solidarity: Many minds can locate the true pathway

Treaties of Unity: Voices at the Freedom Gathering 2015 - Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT), 11-13 September 2015

For videos & information, head over to the WGAR news page below.…

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We do not need to get over it- we are waiting for you to catch up with it!

An excellent yet sombre post written by Blackfulla Revolution about the ignorance of people concerning First Nations People.  I have highlighted a part in red which really stands out to me.

Please share this and make Aboriginal voices heard far & wide!

Blackfulla Revolution

5 September…

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First Nations People Ventures to Support

Dreamtime Dancers is a community engagement 
project for young people in Broome, Western Australia, delivered through the medium of contemporary Aboriginal dance. 

The project is a direct response to the vulnerabilities of at-risk young people in Broome, promoting Indigenous culture and herita…

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Songlines and the Importance of Language

According to Aboriginal cosmology, the great Dreaming Ancestors shaped the earth, its continents, oceans, rivers and its veins of crystals, pigments and minerals.  Their activities still resonate in the shapes and energies that bathe the earth and all life processes.  These energies are often referr…

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RECOGNISE Aboriginal Sovereignty by Treaty

The founding legal document for the Australian nation is the Constitution, which came into effect on January 1, 1901. The only way to change the constitution is through a referendum.  A referendum needs a double majority - support from the majority of states and an overall national majority.



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Look up at the Stars tonight and take the star-light into your eyes.  The atoms of the stars, bright blazing suns, are the atoms which make up the original people, Aboriginal people.

We are all Spirits living in human form.  Many of us live in fragmented and dis-jointed ways, dis-connected from …

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Aboriginal Art Symbols


Australian Aborigines have been creating visual art depicting Aboriginal art symbols for thousands of years. Aboriginal art takes many forms, including exquisite fiber craft, ancient engravings, body art, sand art, rock art, wooden…

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Third Call to Action - continue services to Remote Indigenous Communities


Date 25th June 2015
(for immediate release)

With Aboriginal communities still under threat of forced closures and the removal of essential services, #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA has announced a T…

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Recognise the Spirit

It’s time to RECOGNISE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s Constitution and ensure there's no place for racial discrimination in it. It’s the right thing to do.

The AFL and Telstra are taking the opportunity to promote themselves by "h…

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What happens when a remote community is closed?

Is this a form of forced eviction as defined by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights?

Note:  the text below is from an Article by Rose Carnes, dated 20 March 2015

In November last year, WA Premier Colin Barnett revealed a plan to close as many as 150 of the state’s 274 remote …

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